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Mediating your domestic relations matter can be a COST EFFECTIVE alternative to litigation, where thousands of dollars can go to lawyers.

Mediation is a process where YOU DECIDE the issues rather than leaving it to a judge who doesn't even know either of you or your children.

Benefits of Mediation      

Mediation has many benefits.  A few are listed below.  Ultimately, it is your and your partner's decision on whether or not to mediate your domestic relations matter.  If you do not, many of the benefits listed below will not be realized, sometimes to the detriment of your child or children.

  • + Confidential and private
  • + Cost
  • + Self determination
  • + Voluntary.

The most important reason to mediate, however, is the CHILDREN.  A divorce or custody dispute that is mediated usually results in a much more peaceful and healthy environment for your child or children.  Children know when parents are stressed or fighting with each other, and the mediation setting is the best chance of proceeding with this stage of your life in a manner that causes as little harm and disruption to the children as possible.

As a Massachusetts probate judge used to put it at the conclusion of his divorce cases: "Marriages may end, but children are forever."   Cooperating after the divorce or proceeding has concluded is critical for your children to live happy and healthy lives as children of divorced parents.

The sun may be setting on the marriage, but the FAMILY continues and is simply being restructured.  The children still need to believe there is a FAMILY, even though mom and dad are living in different houses. 

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Click below for links to Mediation Forms for office meetings and general information AND for forms for filing with the court for your divorce or other legal proceeding.

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